Sunday, November 17, 2013


Our fundraisers so far have been up & down. The T-Shirt Fundraiser is going really well. Everyone has been supportive and are excited about the shirts. I hosted a booth at a craft fair that didn't go as well as we had hoped. I plan to place the unsold items online. We were going to have a Yard Sale yesterday, but it rained all night and it was still so wet it just wasn't a good idea. All the nicer items left from that are going online as well.

Needless to say I was very quickly feeling as though there was a damper on some of my fundraising plans and ideas. So I was trying to figure out a backup plan for these things and went to church this morning.

The topic this morning was on Generosity. The main thing that stuck out for me was to "give give to God first and to give Him your best and then trust Him to take care of the rest". Obviously this is easier said than done. Well, I still had the little I made from the craft fair in my wallet. I had kept forgetting to take it by the bank to deposit it. When it came time to respond to the message I put all of it in the offering plate and placed it in God's hands. After church a woman who knows we're adopting and has been very sweet came up to me and donated double the amount I had given toward our adoption. God is so amazing and is faithful to keep his promises.

Friday, November 8, 2013


The saving & raising of funds has begun.

We have a t-shirt fundraiser online (click here to view). So far we have 33 shirts sold. For a successful fundraiser (and for shirts to be produced) we must sell at least 50 shirts by December 5th. Then the shirts will be shipped directly to our supporters (I think that is my favorite part).

Tomorrow I am participating in a craft fair at a local church selling some handmade bows, jewelry, bow boards, etc. I've never participated in a craft fair before. I am praying I haven't forgotten anything important.

Then the next saturday I am having a yardsale. My sister (Click Here) had a yard sale a few weeks ago for travel funds or her youngest daughter's upcoming surgery. There were a lot of items left over and instead of dropping it off at a donation box she donated it to me to sell. Anything big that doesn't sell I plan to post on Facebook to sell.

After these projects we'll take a break on fundraising til after Christmas. I am so excited to see how God will use this time to grow us and bring awareness to adoption.