Monday, March 3, 2014

Formal Application Started!

We have started our formal application with Bethany Christian Services.  So far most of the information is basic. We also had to fill out a personal statement of faith. The questions were detailed (as they should be) and made me really think about where I am in my Christian walk. I know where I am in my walk, but it was nice to pick it apart and look at the foundation and bones of where I am in my faith.

We are getting so excited that this process is really starting! I don't really have words to describe how this feeling. It's great because we're one step closer to starting our family. At the same time there are so many steps left to take and sometimes I see our empty guest room and hunk "Why isn't he/she here yet?" But I know through all of this that there is a perfect day that God already has planned for us to bring our child home.