Saturday, July 18, 2015


Do you ever feel like everything is going so well and something catches you just to put a snag in your journey. This doesn't mean everything falls a part, it just means there may be a little extra work involved.

Last week Jason and I went to my fetal anatomy scan at the high risk doctor's office. Everything looked great with the baby. Heart, lungs, brain - everything looked great. However, my body was once again not cooperating.

Dr. B (high risk doctor) came in and viewed the ultrasound and said she wanted to do an exam. Turned out, even though a had a cerclage stitch placed by Dr. C at 14wks, I was dilated 1cm. Which at 20wks 5days is not good.

Jason attempting to rest at the hospital.
I was sent to be observed at the hospital that has the NICU in our area. I was observed for contractions, which I didn't have. Kept over night and observed again the next morning. Since I was not in labor or showing signs of contracting we along with the doctors chose to go back in and do a rescue stitch. The procedure went really well and after some more observation I went home the next day.

Obviously I am on modified bed rest (meaning a can get up for short periods, but I'm not allowed to do anything) and my amazing husband is doing all the cooking and cleaning. I have a follow up appointment with the high risk clinic next week and another appointment with Dr. C the next week. The short term goal is to get me and baby to 24 weeks. Of course we would all like to get much further than that!

Thank you all so much for your prayers and I will try to keep updates coming.

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